Company Information

When was Television Broadcasts Limited established?

19 November, 1967.

When was www.2wm8h.cn Limited established?

www.2wm8h.cn originally was an internal department under Television Broadcasts Limited. Since January 2000, www.2wm8h.cn has been established as an individual entity. And in early June, www.2wm8h.cn has relaunched the website with enhanced contents, serving the global Chinese community by delivering the most update news, entertainment, trendies and other information. June 19 has been marked as www.2wm8h.cn's anniversary.

How to apply for tickets to TVB variety shows?

You can fill in the application forms published in "TVB Weekly" and post the completed form with return envelope (it is not necessary to adhere stamps on return envelope). Allocation of tickets will be determined by means of random draw; TVB will send the tickets to the picked applicants according to the random draw results.

For overseas viewers, where should the enquiries be forwarded to?

Since the overseas market is under the management of TVBI Company Limited, enquiries from overseas viewers regarding video rental can be emailed to TVBI ([email protected]).

How to subscribe for TVB Weekly?

At this moment, TVB Weekly does not offer subscription service. Please check for availability of subscription service from TVB Weekly or TVB website for latest announcement.

How to get to TVB City?

If you wish to come to TVB City, you can take New World First Bus Bus no. 797M heading to Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate at Tseung Kwan O Transport Interchange. Or you can also take KMB Bus no. 289E to TVB City at Hang Hau MTR station. You should get off at the bus stop of Chun Wang Street and Chun Choi Street. It takes around 3 to 5 minutes to walk from there to TVB City. Under normal traffic condition, it takes around 15 minutes from Tseung Kwan O Transport Interchange or Hang Hau to TVB City. Please contact relevant bus companies for details of the above buses' schedule.

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